VAT Compliant ERP in Dubai
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VAT Compliant ERP in Dubai

GCC VAT PRO is an efficient group of personal tax consultants always keep a close watch on the new developments in business rules and regulations. On the outset of VAT, the company has come up with VAT complaint ERP in Dubai which is suitable for all types of business firms in UAE and GCC countries. The software can be easily upgraded with the existing ERPs in any business firm, contact our experts to know and subscribe to VAT Compliant ERP in Dubai.

What is VAT?

VAT is an indirect tax. Tax is added at each stage of production. It is a complex process as it is the consumer of the product pays the tax when the product and services are bought. For instance the company that manufacture a washing machine, pays tax for every parts it buys from its suppliers. When the consumer buys the washing machine, VAT is paid as a percentage of the total price.

Explaining VAT

Value Added Tax is levied on sale for the goods and services. VAT is in force in more than 180 countries and is well structured and sophisticated tax that overcomes all the problems associated to general sales tax. Each stage of production is separately charged with tax and the end consumer pays it. The business community collects it and pays to Federal tax Authority and therefore, they need VAT compliant ERP in Dubai to efficiently collect and submit it the concerned authorities.

Are you ready for VAT?

Value Added Tax will transform the way business organizations conduct their business in GCC. GCC VAT PRO can help you prepare by installing VAT compliant software into your business system and make your organisation VAT ready in advance.


VAT Compliant ERP in Dubai

Sales – Order to Cash

Sales, Sales Return, Sales Quotation, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Customer Payments

VAT Compliant ERP in Dubai

Service Order to Cash

Service Order, Service Return, Service Quotation, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Customer Payments

VAT Compliant ERP in Dubai


Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Vendor Invoice, Vendor Payments, Credit Memo, Debit Memo

VAT Compliant ERP in Dubai


VAT Return, VAT Statement, Bank Reconciliation, Journal Entry, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement

Inventory Management

Material Planning, Incoming Goods, Outgoing Goods, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer, Stock Disposal


Sales, Expense, Cash & Bank Accounts, Payment, Profit & Loss

Plans & Pricing